Sony Introducing Xperia C, Xperia SP variant, Xperia ZU and Smartwatch Tomorrow?

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So last week we had Samsung’s Premiere 2013 event where they showed off some Windows and Android devices. Now this week our attention is focused on Sony. Tomorrow Sony is holding dual events in Shanghai, China and Munich, Germany. Sony is planning on showing off four new products.

That would be the Sony Xperia C, which is a 5-inch device with a qHD display running a MediaTek quad-core processor which is clocked at 1.2GHz. Along with 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage with a microSD card, and a 8MP camera running on Android 4.2.2.

Then the Xperia SP TD-LTE. The Xperia SP is a device that’s already on the market and it’s a mid-ranger from Sony. But this variant is said to be heading to China Mobile, which makes sense at their Shanghai event tomorrow. Then there is the Xperia ZU which is that phablet device we’ve seen rumored time and time again with the 6.44-inch display. Which is said to compete with the Note 2 and, later this year, the Note 3.

Finally the Smartwatch. I think everyone is rumored to be announcing a smartwatch this year. But so far no one has. Wearable technology has been pretty popular as of late. Which is largely thanks to Project Glass which we’ve seen so much of in the past year or so.

So Sony has a handful of goodies to show off to us tomorrow. They might even throw in another surprise or two if we’re lucky. Chances are many of these won’t make it to the US. But if they do, it’ll probably be a few months from now. In fact, the Xperia Z is just now coming to T-Mobile later this summer. So let’s hope that Sony can bring the Xperia ZU to the US sooner than 6 months after the announcement. We need some competitors to the Galaxy Note series here in the US, and LG has already put together a nice one with the Optimus G Pro.

How many of you are looking forward to Sony’s event tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.