Sony Benchmarking A Device with a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 Processor? Possibly the Xperia ZU?


We love benchmarks. Even though they translate very little into real world use. Benchmarks are mostly for bragging rights, but we like to keep an eye on AnTuTu because many OEMs use it to benchmark their upcoming devices. But keep in mind that benchmarks are very easy to fake. So keeping that in mind, we might be seeing a benchmark for a new device and we might not be.

This device is listed under codename "ymmh5y0n5zeaouu"and has appeared in AnTuTu's benchmark database. It's quite odd because normally codenames aren't a random string of numbers and letters. For example the HTC One was the M7. This device was tested over in the United Kingdom and appears to have a 2.2GHz processor that is more than likely a Snapdragon 800 since that's the only mobile chip we know of that can clock up that high. It can be clocked up to 2.3GHz. It also appears to be running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It scored a surprising or not so surprising, 32 thousand on AnTuTu. 32173 to be exact.


Sources are telling us that this is a Sony Xperia device, but the codename really doesn't tell us anything about it. But we do know that Sony has some new devices coming out soon like the Xperia ZU which is their entry into the phablet game, if the leaks of specs on that device is true.

Who doesn't want their next phone to run at 2.2GHz? I know I don't need that kind of processing power on my phone, but on my tablet, that's another story. In fact, I normally go ahead and underclock my phone to around 1GHz to save battery and I've found no lag in that as well. So how many of you are interested to see what Sony has to come later this year? The Xperia ZL certainly got me excited about it.

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