Samsung Shows off the Best Features of the Galaxy S4 Zoom [Video]


The newly surfaced Galaxy S4 Zoom has just been blasted around by Samsung in a "lifestyle video," posted online. It's not really a surprise since Samsung has upped their advertising campaign, especially when it comes to product videos and advertisements. One that comes to mind right away is the new commercial where a Galaxy S4  owner and new dad is learning to swaddle his baby right.

The new video basically shows off all the great features of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, as portrayed by a young woman on vacation. Or maybe she's just taking a break from her regular day job? Either way, she's unleashed upon the world with her trusty new Galaxy S4 zoom.


Obviously, Samsung took the time to demo the traditional smartphone features of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. It can make calls, and I'm going to assume even send text and MMS messages.

In the video you can see the camera in full-on action, and Samsung chose to highlight the most obvious features of the handset (yes, I'm calling it a handset). The optical zoom modes are bragged about, an in-call photo share is mentioned, and much more.


More specifically, we know the Galaxy S4 Zoom has a 10x optical zoom (optical is a hell of a lot better than digital), 16MP BMI CMOS sensor, and an optical image stabilizer.

A unique quick launch mode allows you to twist the camera lens on the rear of the handset to jumpstart the shooting mode of the device. This is definitely a pretty great idea for those times when you need quick access to a camera in the moment. In addition, a smart mode suggests what shooting mode you should choose in various situations.

Better yet, a Photo Suggest feature uses GPS and location data to suggest those perfect shots to wannabe photographers. Lost in the moment and don't know what to capture first? The Photo Suggest will tell you great landmarks nearby that are ideal for shooting those Kodak moments. It's silly we still use the term Kodak, especially when it's a Samsung camera like this (where the hell did Kodak go, anyway).


I'm not entirely sure how I feel about lugging around a device equipped with the aforementioned camera features, but then again I'm not a photographer either. What do you folks think? Would you be more than willing to pick up the Galaxy S4 Zoom with all it has to offer and use it as your daily driver?

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