Rumor: Butterfly S to Possibly Launch in June, Available in Asia Only for Now


We've heard quite a bit about HTC's new handsets lately, namely the Butterfly S (what a name). Just to fill you in, the HTC Butterfly is a moniker for the Droid DNA. Over here in the States it was called the DNA, and in Asia it was called the Butterfly. Apparently, the Butterfly S is going to follow the same trend, but it's possible it may never release here in the States. Only time will tell.

ePrice suggests that the device will be dropping sometime this month. If that is indeed true, then we may see a release in other markets by the end of the year. Of course, just like I mentioned above there's a chance the device will never leave Asia.


The rumor also suggests that the Butterfly S will include a Snapdragon 800 CPU (possibly the 600), along with all of HTC's updated hardware and features including Sense 5.0 and the 4MP 'Ultrapixel' camera setup. You didn't really think the 'Ultrapixel' functionality would be exclusive to the One, did you?

HTC Butterfly 2 pink

This news comes right at a time when HTC is gearing up to release several devices in the One series. Essentially, they're going to flesh out the design of the HTC One, and adapt it for other devices like the One Mini and more. Hopefully, they don't turn into Samsung and milk the brand for all its worth. Even if you are a Samsung fan, you have to admit that's exactly what the company is doing with the Galaxy series lately.


Nevertheless, the Droid DNA was a pretty attractive handset too. Mind you, it wasn't anywhere close in terms of visual quality to the HTC One, but not many devices are for that matter. There's a good reason many claim the HTC One is one of the most gorgeous smartphones ever to release.

It stands to reason the upcoming Butterfly 2 will include a similar design, although it's difficult to speculate on whether or not it will include the same metal exterior as the One. If HTC has their way, all future devices will share the same premium material makeup, but that's definitely not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing at all.

Source: ePrice

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