Popular PC tool CPU-Z makes its Android debut

CPU-Z has been a popular program for PC users for quite some time now. It is viewed by most as the essential tool for checking on your CPU usage and other various aspects of your chipset. Those users will rejoice now as CPU-Z is now available on Android.

CPUID, the company responsible for the program, has just released a beta version for the application for users to test out. The beta version attempts to provide users with as much information as possible. This includes information such as the name, architecture, and number of cores for the CPU. In addition, you can see the revision, process, and the clock speed for each of the various cores.

You can also use the app to find out other information about your device's screen and even battery. You will be able to see your screen resolution, the devices RAM, and the internal storage of your device. In addition, you can see your battery's level, status, and temperature.

While similar tools have existed on Android already, CPU-Z in particular is a strong name and brand that people can trust. With all the hype and importance placed on CPUs and the number cores in Android devices these days, having a solid and reliable application to monitor these aspects can help users decided how important having a large CPU is to them. As more users begin to use these types of tools, we may even see a shift in opinion towards large CPUs and whether or not they are really necessary.

This release will particularly appeal to root users who like overclocking their processors. This is because overclocking can sometimes be hazardous to your device if you do not monitor it properly. Applications such as these allow users be able to test out the battery saving technology that is prevalent in so many phones these days. The technology kicks in mostly when the user isn't doing strenuous tasks by turning off cores and underclocking the CPU.

It is unclear as to whether or not this application will draw users away from apps like Quadrant and AnTuTu. However, it is always great to have choices, especially between software that's already popular on other platforms. You can download the beta version from Google Play today.

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