Oh, Canada Rejoice! Come December, Three Year Contracts Will Be No More

Here in the States we complain about our wireless carriers and expensive service plans, but one thing is certain- at least we don't have to put up with three year contracts. Poor, poor Canada. I feel for you my northern brethren, I really do. Don't worry I have Verizon so I get screwed on a regular basis too.

I have some great news for you! Luckily, three year contracts will be no more! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this is pretty big news. Does anyone like having to uphold a service agreement for that long?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced their decision regarding the public hearing on wireless contracts. The commission is pretty much like the equivalent of the FCC here in the States.

Effective from December 2, 2013 forward, wireless customers will be able to break their contract after two years instead of the current three year cycle, without a penalty charge. Furthermore, overage charges cannot be more than $50 a month, but that's local consumption only. The charges can only be a maximum of $100 while roaming. Hopefully, that will keep some of the Canadian wireless carriers from slapping customers with outrageous bills.

The Commission also made a ruling that phones can be unlocked after 90 days with no penalties, and that term is effective whether the phone is purchased through subsidies or outright. There will also be a 15-day return policy for new purchases, provided the handset is in good condition.

It's nice to finally see Canada putting a damper on the atrocious three year contracts. Two year contracts are bad enough, let alone that extra year to be stuck with an outdated handset. Canadians, now that you folks are free what are you going to do? Will you purchase a new device every two years or will you stick to the three year plan (I'm sure many of you buy devices sooner than two years even).

All in all, it looks like things are about to get a whole lot easier for Canadian consumers. December couldn't get here any faster, could it?

Source: CRTC

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