New Smartwatch to Come From Sony Soon

If there's one word that's been on the lips of a lot of tech enthusiasts recently, it's "smartwatch", and for the past year or so apparently every major technology company has been making one. Rumors will be rumors but, Sony are actually going to introduce their own take on the smartwatch, and this isn't the first time, either. Some of our readers might remember the Live View from Sony, which was an early attempt at building a smart device to be strapped to our wrists. It certainly wasn't a great attempt by Sony, the device was slow and it was physically quite clunky.

Sony have tweeted a little tease that certainly alludes to them bringing a smartwatch to the market. With claims that 1 in 3 smartphone users want a smartwatch, Sony then tell us that "#itstime" and that the Mobile Asia Expo - being held next week - will be Sony's launchpad for this new device. Here's the new Tweet from Sony:

We're excited to see what Sony have to offer, especially seeing as Sony is one of the few big Android partners that has already dabbled in using Android in the watch form factor. There's nothing to suggest that this is to be branded an Xperia device but, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony did as much, after all that's fast become a buzz word in the smartphone space for "Sony".

We all know what a smartwatch entails by now, notifications, quick look at messages or tweets, widgets and the like but, just what are Sony going to do with Android to get the most of the watch form factor. The company has a slew of smaller apps that are used in the Xperia Z that might translate easily to a watch - depending on its size - and could offer some genuine added value. Are you looking forward to seeing what Sony have to offer, or do you think this latest device will go the way of the Live View?


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