Motorola X Phone [XT1058] Image Samples Leak, Confirm 10.5MP Shooter with 16:9 Aspect Ration


The Motorola Moto X Phone (also known as the Moto X or Moto XFON), has appeared in the headlines quite a bit recently. Our very own Alex Maxham seems to think it's because there are two devices with the same X Phone moniker. It's a logical explanation and he may actually be on to something. Several variants of the handset are expected to release, like the recent XT1056 Sprint model which just reared its head.

Supposedly, the device is going to feature a 10MP camera, which does seem pretty exciting at first until you see some of the leaked images that were recently taken with the device. The device itself looks pretty appealing, but the images captured with it- not so much.


The image samples are said to come from the XT1058, which is the rumored AT&T model of the Motorola X. The two images are decent sure, but they don't show much promise for the camera. The outdoor shot is definitely a little blurry having been taken with a 10MP camera. Furthermore, the indoor shot doesn't appear to be as bright and vibrant as it should be. Maybe I'm being a stickler here and the photographer was just a bad shot with the thing, who knows?

XT1058 camera outdoorMoto X XT1058 indoor

The outdoor shot was clearly taken during sunset, that slight orange hue is a dead giveaway. Maybe that has a little something to do with why the image is blurry.


It's also worth noting that the indoor shot was leaked some time ago, and the outdoor shot is the most recent.

According to the EXIF data from the outdoor image, the original size was 4320×2432 which suggests the camera is indeed a 10.5MP shooter. Furthermore, that also indicates that the camera captures with a 16:9 aspect ratio. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but 16:9 is not a traditional aspect ratio used for photos. Instead, most devices go with 4:3 or 3:2, like Galaxy S4 which shoots in the former ratio. That news is very interesting, and it should get some of our amateur photographers out there quite giddy.

Xt1058 EXIF


Hopefully, the quality of the camera will improve a little more before launch. What do you think of the sample images? Do you think I'm being a little too critical or do you agree that they look a little off?

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