More Leaked Shots of the Galaxy Note III Appear

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Weibo leaks


Is it too early to start talking about the Note III? Well, probably but, does that mean it’s too early for apparent leaked pics to start showing up? Ha ha, of course not. We’ve already seen what looks to be the Note III on camera before and now, there are a couple more images that are purported to be of the upcoming Note. It seems that the tradition of taking poor shots of that device you’re not supposed to take photos of is alive and well as these aren’t the best images we’ve ever seen.

In these photos, it seems that the bezel – or rather lack thereof – is the center of the show. These images clearly show a device with very little bezel, which might be a key feature of the Note III’s design when the device hits later this fall. With Samsung putting such large displays in their Note smartphones, it stands to reason that they would want to reduce space as much as they can, any way that they can. Reducing the bezel is a good way to go for sure.

Of course, these photos could well turn out to be fakes and there are a couple of things that could be the giveaway here. If you take a look at the image on the left, that UI doesn’t exactly look like something from a Samsung design studio, and as for the photo on the right with its case. Well, I ask this: if this device really is the Note III, then who’s already been making cases for this thing, in June

The Note III is an important device for Samsung and we have no doubt that they’re going to do something a little different this time around in order to further proof that the Korean giant can in fact innovate. Just as they did last night on stage with their Galaxy NX camera and introductions of new Galaxy S4 family members.