MOGA's new 'Power Series' Controllers Aim at Battery Life

Today, the folks at PowerA (those behind the MOGA game controllers) have just announced their new Power Series controllers which charge your device as you play. This is their second generation of their popular gaming controllers. Which they are calling the Power Series, and rightfully so. They'll be showing them off at the E3 gaming show next week. This is all building on the success of the MOGA pro controller, which I reviewed a while back, these new controllers have improved ergonomics and Bluetooth radios, but are compatible with Android 2.3 and above. Which means most Android folks will be able to use them. They are also compatible with Windows Phone 8.

MOGA is touting a new "S.M.R.T. Lock" arm which ensures that your device will connect safely and securely to the controller as well, even during intense gameplay. The smaller of these two controllers include a completely redone design with clickable joysticks, new D-pad and shoulder buttons. On the top you'll see enhancements in the physical controls. But most importantly what sets these apart from the others is the new "MOGA Boost" feature which will charge your device while you're playing Dead Trigger or another game. This is in a fight to take away worry associated with high-end mobile gaming. It'll be interesting to see how well or how fast the controllers can charge your phone while you're playing. It could just keep your phone at the same level, or completely charge it to 100%. We'll have to get a controller or two and check them out.

I've used the original MOGA controller and the MOGA Pro. I actually wasn't too impressed with the original one, but MOGA Pro really surprised me. It was a whole lot easier to pair up with your device and just felt like a better controller. Hopefully I can get my hands on these and see what they are all about as well.

How many of you are interested in the 'Power Series' MOGA controllers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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