NSFW: MiKandi Offers the First Adult-Oriented App for Google Glass

Just last week, MiKandi co-founder Jennifer McEwan announced that the company was working on a porn app for Google Glass. It's no surprise then that the app is finally available. I'll bet you'll never guess the name, either.

"Tits and Glass"

Yep, that's the name of the app. Pretty straightforward if you ask me.

It's the first adult-oriented application for Google Glass, and it's available for download right now- that is if you're a Glass owner, of course. Don't worry though, if you don't have the device you can still browse and interact with the community via the web portal [WARNING: THAT LINK IS NSFW].

The application will allow users to browse and watch videos filmed with the device, along with checking out risqu© photos also captured with it.

McEwan recently spoke to Mashable about the new app:

"Unlike other hands-free recording devices, wearing Glass is easy and familiar. Because of that, you can forget about the technology on your head and be in the moment. The result is an authentic look at the wearer's experiences."

Of course, it also leaves you totally hands-free to do... other things while you browse the adult content. The company is interested in making the app more personal for users, however.

"Besides point-of-view content, we're interested in Glass' potential to facilitate two-way adult interaction. For example, between long-distance couples, cam models and fans or strangers."

Aside from the more obvious uses for the platform in regards to adult content, it's clear that MiKandi is also willing to look outside the box.

"The old adage that porn drives tech is sadly no longer true. Over the last decade, adult companies have seen themselves locked out of more and more technologies and services — the latest being mobile applications. Adopting new technology is costly and time consuming, so it's no wonder why some the industry have become risk adverse."

Despite all the potential that exists for the platform, especially in the adult entertainment business there seems to be some initial reservations on taking advantage of the technology, at least by other companies.

"The reaction to Google Glass has been 50/50 between companies such as MiKandi, who see the potential of this new device and plan to develop products for it, and those who prefer to wait and see. We're excited at the possibilities Glass holds for more interactive applications as the technology matures."

As they often say, there goes the neighborhood. I kid, I kid.

Via Mashable

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