LG Looking to Drop 'Optimus' Brand from their High-End Devices?

Reports coming out of Korea are telling us that LG might be looking to drop the 'Optimus' from their flagships. In which they'll be opting for a simple tag. The Optimus name has become pretty well known, almost as well known as the Galaxy name from Samsung.

Chosun.Biz is a Korean website that's reporting LG will utilize the 'Optimus' branding for their mid and low end devices. Their higher end devices like the G2 that's due near the end of the year, will not be an Optimus. So we'll be going from the Optimus G to the G2, with no high-end Optimus device.

We've also seen a photo and a benchmark of the G2 pop up recently, it didn't really dawn on any of us that the 'Optimus' name was missing. Looking back, it could have been a rather large hint toward this. But we all know how often and easy benchmarks are to fake, now don't we.

We often thought that LG was going to use the 'Optimus' name like Samsung uses the 'Galaxy' name on all their devices and use it as a marketing thing. So when you see "Optimus" anything you'll know it's a LG device. Just like when Samsung announces a Galaxy something we already know it's a Samsung device. But it appears they aren't looking to do that just yet. Rather use Optimus for their low end devices and something else for their high-end stuff. It could work out pretty well. But only time will tell.

As Android fans, geeks, etc., we don't really care about the name. We care about the specs, features, build quality, etc. We want a Snapdragon 800 processor with a large IPS+ or Super LCD display, even a Full HD AMOLED display would be nice. Let's hope that this is a good move for LG. What do you think LG should call their high-end devices now? Let us know in the comments below.

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