JK Shin Teases 'Mirrorless Camera System' to be Unveiled at Samsung 2013 Premiere Event


Apparently, the recently unveiled Galaxy S4 Zoom isn't going to be the only camera device that Samsung is going to show off during their "Premiere 2013" event coming up in London, just next week.  JK Shin, the Co-CEO of Samsung, has hinted to Korean press the following:

"Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google's Android software."


That statement was published by the Korea Times, and in the same article Shin's comment was compared to the Galaxy Camera 2. Although, it is merely speculation, as Shin gave no official confirmation on the manner. The camera device Shin hinted about could actually be another model entirely.

It is interesting that Shin mentioned a "mirrorless camera," however. If you're not already aware, a mirrorless system would essentially allow much better images to be captured. It might even support swappable lenses of varying strengths. It would certainly be refreshing to see, especially since the original Galaxy Camera took some pretty substandard quality images for a device that cost in excess of $500. You figure, if you're going to pay that much for a camera then it better at least take some great photos, right?

If you could carry around a device that can be used as a daily driver (phone, texting) and it can capture some great high resolution photos, you'd be all set. Seriously, how many of us already carry around a smartphone all the time as it is? Now imagine if your smartphone included an optical zoom lens, and swappable lenses for increased strength?


Of course, there's no mention of how the supposed Galaxy Camera 2 will differ from the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Perhaps the phone and messaging features will remain exclusive to the S4 Zoom? Perhaps the Galaxy Camera 2 will be outfitted with even better specs, allowing for higher quality images? Only time will tell, but it looks like we'll find out soon enough when Samsung's presser kicks off next week in London.

Are you excited to see these new Galaxy Camera devices in action? I know the Galaxy S4 Zoom isn't branded as a "Galaxy Camera," but it's pretty much of the same vein.

Via Korea Times

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