HTC One Gets Fresh Coat of Paint With "Glamour Red", Exclusive to Phones4U in the UK



We all knew that HTC were planning a version of the One in red, it was rumored at launch and now it's finally here, the red edition of the HTC One. If you thought the One was a looker in White and Black, take a look at this. There's nothing that sets this apart from the normal HTC One – aside from its color – but it's already beginning to look like it's going to be hard to get hold of. Right now, the new color has only been announced for the UK and is going to be exclusive to Phones4U.


Our UK readers will be happy to know that this version of the HTC One is hitting stores sometime mid-July and our American readers won't be so happy to hear that there's no word on this coming to the States just yet. Although, we're pretty sure that somebody is going to pick this up as a carrier exclusive, with the Galaxy S4 getting new colors soon, HTC won't want to miss out on the opportunity of a new wave of sales. Speaking of carriers, what an exclusive this would make for Verizon? You know, that carrier apparently getting the One "this summer".


There's no word either, on whether or not this is a 16/32 or 64GB model but, if it's going up for sales in the UK it's more than likely the 32GB model dressed up in red. We reviewed the One earlier this year and found it to be a great performer. We're hopefully going to get our hands on this version of the One to see what isn't different about it.


Overall, phone manufacturers have been trying this whole color thing for some time and while it's certainly a gimmick to boost sales a little bit, we can't blame HTC for trying. With so many of us carrying smartphones that are essentially a big piece of glass, it's nice to have a little bit of individuality. Let us know what you think about the "Glamour Red" version of the HTC One down below.

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