Google Bans Sexually Explicit Content for Glass on the Eve of MiKandi's App Launch

Well, apparently Google does have a stance on adult-oriented apps that include nudity and sexually explicit content, after all. The Google Glass platform developer policies were updated on Saturday to prohibit the questionable material.

"We don't allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts or sexually explicit material."

In addition, Google has also banned the development of apps that include violence, bullying, hate speech, deceptive behavior, gambling and any illegal activities on the platform.

All of this comes right at the time when MiKandi launched the first porn app for Glass called "Tits and Glass." Of course, we featured the new app in a recent post, which includes MiKandi co-founder, Jennifer McEwan's take on the release.

"Unlike other hands-free recording devices, wearing Glass is easy and familiar. Because of that, you can forget about the technology on your head and be in the moment. The result is an authentic look at the wearer's experiences."

Unfortunately, it looks like that experience won't be available to folks via traditional means. Prior to the app's release (Monday, June 3) Google had not taken a stance on sexual content and its availability on the platform, but now it has.

Apparently, MiKandi was not aware of the update developer policies until after their application was launched. According to MiKandi's other co-founder Jesse Adams, in regards to future plans for the company they're "discussing that right now."

Google explicitly says that any violations of their developer policies and terms "can result in the disablement or removal of your application, being prohibited from providing future applications, or termination of your Google account." The repercussions for violating the terms of service are likely harsh to discourage developers and would-be villains from using the platform for evil-doings.

If you're worried about the shady future of porn apps for the platform, don't. Where there's a will there's a way, especially since the device can be rooted. Adams says MiKandi is not just going to give up on the idea:

"We're not going to just stop, we have to think about our next strategy."

This hardly seems like the time, but what do you think of porn apps for Google Glass? Obviously, we can't all test them out, so that's not what I'm asking. Do you have any issues with the morality of it?

Via PC World

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