Gameloft Reveals Modern Combat 5 Ahead of E3 [Video]


Gameloft just released a trailer of their upcoming title ahead of E3, Modern Combat 5. After watching it, all I can say is "wow." If the graphics and visuals truly look like that when the game is launched and it's not just the product of some skilled cinematography, then we're in for a real treat! I would argue that in some ways the graphics are comparable to what we see on current gen consoles.

Gameloft is certainly great at pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, and if the video is to be believed, their latest title will only solidify that fact. Unfortunately, nothing in the video hints at which devices will be getting support. I'm willing to bet Modern Combat 5 is going to be optimized for Tegra 4, but that's just a wild guess at this point. Can you imagine playing the game on Shield, OUYA or the Wikipad? It makes me all giddy, resulting in me giggling like a schoolgirl just thinking about it.


It looks like most of the game will be set overseas too, as we can clearly see Venice in the trailer. There is clear evidence of high-speed boat chases through the Venice canals and waterways, helicopters with mounted weapons, lots and lots of guns and of course enough explosions to make Michael Bay proud. Despite heavy emphasis on unrealistic action and far-fetched cutscenes, the Modern Combat series has always been relatively true to traditional military themes.

It looks pretty awesome, right? Those rippling water effects are fantastic, among everything else. I can't believe how far mobile gaming has come in just a few short years.


I own Modern Combat 4, and even though the multiplayer is a little shoddy the single-player campaign is fantastic. It's leaps and bounds above what you would expect to see on a mobile device.

Have you played the previous titles in the series? Do you own Modern Combat 4? Are you planning on getting the latest installment when it releases? Sadly, there was no information about a release date either, so we'll just have to keep waiting for now.

It's possible Gameloft will have Modern Combat 5 playable at E3, and if they do we'll find out over the next few days when the event kicks off (June 11-13).

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