Galaxy S5 to Be Built Using "Premium Materials" As Company Enters Design Phase 3.0



Oh man, are we already talking about the Galaxy S5 – didn’t the S4 just launch? I know, I know but please, stick with me. The main complaint that Samsung detractors have had with their devices is that their build-quality has always left a little to be desired, thanks to the heavy use of plastics. Now, there’s nothing wrong with plastic and it’s not as if Samsung devices are dropping like flies – far from it – in fact, users will swear by their devices and run them into the ground. I’ve had a couple of Samsung devices and while the plastic casing has never pleased me too much, they’ve always kept up and lasted very well. So, just what are Samsung going to do to improve their build-quality, to show the rest of the market that their devices can be just as fancy as the rest?

Well, an “insider” has spoken out about the Galaxy S5, and that it will be the first smartphone from Samsung to be created under their Design Phase 3.0. The use of premium materials are heavily hinted and the next Galaxy S could well be clad in aluminum, just like the HTC One. Of course, it’s perhaps a lot easier for HTC to sell a device clad in premium materials – it might be sad to say but, they’re not going to sell as many units as Samsung are. Which is why Samsung have gone with plastic devices in the past, to cut the best compromise between build and being able to actually produce enough to keep up with demand.

It’s clear that Samsung is not only waking up to better build but, doing something about it. This year’s Galaxy S4 might still be made out of plastic but, the Korean giant took greater care in delivering a well-made device. The Galaxy S4 is, overall, a much better built device than last year’s flagship and Samsung did a great job of keeping up with demand as they launched the device around the globe.

One thing’s for sure, Samsung is continually improving on all fronts. Whether you love it or hate it, TouchWiz is a big part of their appeal and offers a lot of users features that they might not get in other devices. Again, the plastic build is something you either love or hate but, the S4 is definitely not a fragile device and Samsung’s devices can only get better from here on out.

[Source: Android.gs]