Galaxy Note III Coming September; Analyst Confirms

June 18, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

We all know it’s coming, the Galaxy Note III that is, Samsung have stuck to the same release schedule for the past two years and this time around, there’s nothing to suggest that things are going to change. The Galaxy Note line is an important product line for Samsung, and what was once a niche market for those that needed a bigger phone, it’s now becoming something of a mainstream product.

Analysts are a funny bunch the world over, that much is obvious but, they often hold more knowledge than us and occasionally they let a little slip, as FNNews reports. This time around, a reputable analyst has been talking about Samsung and the lowered sales forecast for the Galaxy S 4, and while he was at it he let slip that the Galaxy Note III was on track for a September release. This isn’t exactly shocking when you think about it but, it is good to know that Samsung are looking to keep the Note line very much alive and kicking.

If you remember, the Galaxy Note II was announced at the IFA conference in Berlin last year and if the Note III is headed for a September release, it stands to reason that IFA will see yet another Note announcement. This year’s IFA runs from September 6th to the 13th – plenty of time for Samsung to announce another big-seller, no?

When the Note II hit the scene, there was little out there that could compete, not just in size but in added value. A larger smartphone does not always make for a better smartphone, Samsung have always known this, which is why the S-Pen plays such a pivotal role in the Note line of products. This year though, phones have gotten a lot larger and Samsung themselves are selling the Galaxy Mega series for those that just want something bigger. There’s word that an upcoming Sony smartphone is going to take on the Galaxy Note, not just in size but, also in terms of added features. The question is, can Samsung keep their “phablet” crown?