Galaxy Nexus Crops Up at Bluetooth SIG, Suggests Android 4.3 is On the Way


Since before Google I/O was inbound, rumors have been appearing about the next version of Android. The most recent, was an image of the Nexus 4 in Thailand running Android 4.3. A hands on video of the new stock camera app also appeared in the wild. That's all that was shown off in the video though, which is a shame really. We would have much preferred a look at the new changes to the OS, but some things have to remain a surprise I suppose.

A new development has cropped up, involving a tried and true Nexus device. More specficially, the Galaxy Nexus has been spotted passing through Bluetooth certification, which probably means the handset is due for a software update in the near future. We've seen this happen plenty of times before.


New Galaxy Nexus Bluetooth SIG

As you can see from the image, the design model number of the related device appears to be GT-I9250 which is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's being recertified likely because it's been updated with a significant software package which requires a fresh Bluetooth authentication. This is probably indicative of Android 4.3, which is expected to launch sometime soon. After every milestone software update, many of the related devices have to be passed through vigorous tests and certificiation protocols. Hence, why you see devices crop up over at the Bluetooth SIG.

Not too long ago the Nexus 7 also passed through Bluetooth SIG with pretty much the same results. It needed recertification after some kind of update or improvments were applied to it. It's likely both Nexus devices are cropping up for the same exact reason. In other words, there's quite a bit suggesting that the release of Android 4.3 is imminent.


The excitement is building considerably. Can you feel it wavering in the air, because I sure can? What news features are coming in the latest version of Android? Enhanced Photospheres? New social features? Improved lockscreen widget support? The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure you can make a few suggestions of your own. What do you think the latest iteration of Android is going to bring?

Furthermore, how long do you think it will be until most of us actually get to experience the latest version of Android on our non-Nexus handsets?

Source: Bluetooth SIG, Via: RBMEN

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