Forget $159, The Next Nexus 7 Could Cost More like $229

June 13, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


Last year, we were introduced to the Nexus 7, Google’s answer to the Kindle Fire and arguably the best value in an Android tablet. It’s proved to be a popular and successful device for Google and it’s helped to solidify the Play Store as a genuine competitor to Apple’s iTunes. This year, we were all hoping for a follow-up to be announced at Google I/O alas, there was no such announcement and of course, the rumor mill started up again putting to a late-summer unveiling of the next Nexus 7. While a lot of folks thought it strange for Google to not announce any new hardware at this year’s I/O conference, it is a conference for developers first and foremost.

Now, DigiTimes are reporting that a follow-up to the Google tablet isn’t going to be as cheap as we all think it’s going to be. When the original Nexus 7 was released, we were all surprised at just how low Google managed to get the cost of a then very powerful tablet down to. This time around though, Google will be chasing the “mid-range” as oppose to the “low-end” side of the things. Here’s the key quote from DigiTimes:

“As first-tier brand vendors have been trying to expand their sales through price cuts, Google is not looking to follow suit, but will instead focus on defending the US$199-249 segment of the 7-inch tablet market and target competitors such as Amazon and Apple, the sources said.”

While “raising” the price of the Nexus 7 might seem like sour grapes to most of us, if it delivers a better-quality device – who cares? $229 is certainly not an unreasonable price to ask for a tablet and if Google really do deliver something with a Full HD display, a quad-core CPU and perhaps a little more storage then surely, we should be happy that Google are showing faith in the product? Let’s not also forget that you’re sort of making an investment when you buy a Nexus device – there’s no waiting around for updates and the device will current far longer than most tablets on the shelves right now.

Would you be happy to pay a little more for a better device?