Featured Review: Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S4


Otterbox is one of the most popular case manufacturers out there. When people buy a new phone, they automatically look for an Otterbox case. Otterbox has a proven track record for building and making great cases that protect your phone and/or tablet. Otterbox is continuing that with the Defender Series on the Galaxy S4, which is the case we're looking at today. The Otterbox Defender is a rugged case for the Galaxy S4, along with a multi-layered case which will survive drops. It has a built in screen protector protecting against scratches. Port covers keep dust out but keeping them accessible. It also comes with a belt clip for those interested.



I've been using the Defender Series case on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for about a week now. My main concern with the case was that it would make the device extra bulky. But I was pleasantly surprised that it really isn't all that much more bulky than any of the other cases I've reviewed for the Galaxy S4 so far. The case feels really great in the hand as well.

The Good

  • Ultimate protection for your device
  • Built in screen protector, so you don't have to worry about air gaps
  • Keeps dust and dirt out

The Bad

  • The price, many of you may disagree and rightfully so, but I think $50-60 for this case is still a bit much
  • A bit tough to install on your device. The instruction manual included isn't all that descriptive or helpful

The Verdict

Like I've said the Defender Series case is quite good for the Galaxy S4. It's also one of the few cases I'll recommend to other Galaxy S4 users out there. Otterbox has a strong reputation for building great cases that provide ultimate protection and they definitely lived up to that reputation with this case for the Galaxy S4. You can grab the Defender case from the Otterbox website. It ranges from $49.95 to $59.95.