Featured Game Review: Kids Mosaic


Smartphones are tablets are great for us grown ups, we can check up on what our friends and family are up to, check sports scores and see what's going on around the world whenever we want. They have a great use for our little ones as well, they're a great way to keep the kids entertained on long trips, before bed time and just when you need a little bit of peace and quiet. More than that but the blank canvas of a smartphone or tablet display can really encourage kids to bring out their creativity and create something for themselves – without making any mess or getting too frustrated if they have poorer motor skills. Kids Mosaic is one of those apps that can bring out children's creativity and give them something to keep themselves occupied with. Read on to find out if this is your something your little ones will take to.

Description: Kids Mosaic is available for all kids over 3 to play and it's basically a digital version of those mosaic kits you'd have cluttering up the place. The idea is that your child can go nuts creating their own images from those colored shapes to make whatever images you like. There are 30 images that the kids can replicate and use to learn how shapes can create images, as well as the ability to store all of this images to look back at. You can take a look at the video below to get a little more info.

How it Works: To get started with Kids Mosaic, you'll have to go ahead and download the app from the Play Store. After that you'll find yourself at the main menu:


You can start off by choosing a Mosaic for the kids to fill in, and there are 30 to choose from, so there's already a wide variety right off the bat:

2013-06-28 13.56.48


This is how the Apple looks like:

2013-06-28 13.56.55

It's easy to get started, all they have to do is to drag the pegs over to where they're outlined on the board. When they place something in the wrong place it will let them know:


2013-06-28 13.57.56

Soon enough they'll be close to finishing. When they do finish they're greeted with something that looks like a teacher's note, which is a nice touch.

2013-06-28 13.59.07


Free Mode is essentially a sandbox mode, where kids can create whatever they want with the pegs:

2013-06-28 14.00.49

That's supposed to be a cell phone but, as you can tell I'm not too good at it! To save this, just hit the camera icon along the left-hand side of the interface. The same goes for clearing the board and starting from crash. There's always a prompt to let you know that something's been saved, which is handy.


2013-06-28 13.59.22

Opinion: While I'm not a parent myself, my girlfriend and I have watched her little sister grow up, and the amount of times that she's been fascinated by what's on a smartphone or tablet is incredible. This sort of game is perfect for little ones, it's a familiar sort of activity that they might do at kindergarten and it's really easy to save the images as a record of what they've achieved. With traditional mosaics, you have to pack everything away and start from scratch. Here you could print the images off or just e-mail them to friends and family. It's easy to use, engaging and a great way to start kids off exploring their creativity.


  • Speed (4/5) – Kids Mosaic ran great, and is paced well for little ones to work things out on their own.
  • Features (5/5) – The formula here works really well and it's easy for kids to feel like they're accomplishing something themselves, without needing help.
  • Theme (5/5) – This really does look and feel like a mosaic board out of the classroom, the sounds from the clicking of pieces to the subtle hints if something is wrong are a great addition as well.
  • Overall (5/5) – For parents, Kids Mosaic is a great way to just let the little ones go a little world creating their own thing, or following the 30 patterns in the guide. It also makes great use of the added space on tablets, which is great for those with Nexus 7s. 


  • Lots of sounds here to keep children engaged and give them feedback if they've gotten something wrong. 
  • The Free Mode is a great way to encourage kids to get a little more creative and explore art.
  • With 30 pictures to choose from, your child will learn the general shape and colors of a lot of items, fruit, animals and more.
  • The interface takes great advantage of larger displays and everything is easy enough to get to grips with.


  • Having to drag and drop all the time can grow tedious but, kids will find that natural. 
  • More templates would be great for the long-term.

Conclusion: Kids Mosaic is one of those games that's aimed at kids, which actually works great for those of a younger age. Too often, developers think that making a game for a younger audience is easy, when it really isn't. Kids Mosaic gets the right balance of bringing things up-to-date and keeping things simple, with audio feedback of the clicking of pieces to the funny noises when they place something in the wrong place, Kids Mosaic has it all. The graphics are good-looking and easy on the eye, colors really pop and the pegs look just as real as they would on your table top. It's not a lot of money to buy the full version, and thanks to the Free Mode there's an endless amount of entertainment your little one can get out of this great little game.