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Sponsored App Review: Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper

June 12, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

Android is all about customization. You can personalize the device with launchers, wallpaper, icons and much more. A lot of us fell in love with the platform because of that simple fact, among other elements of course. The most obvious way to customize an Android device is to designate homescreen wallpaper. When doing so, you can choose between live wallpaper (which is animated), or static wallpaper. Personally, I opt to use static wallpaper, namely because of the energy consumption issues that occurs when using most live wallpapers. Unfortunately, that means I have to manually change the background image any time I want to see something fresh. The task can become tedious, which is why this next app sounds very appealing. Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper will scan various categories, which you choose during the initial launch, for images to use as attractive background wallpaper.


Description: Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper basically crawls the internet for interesting images to use as background wallpaper on your device. During the initial launch you choose what image categories you would prefer to see on your homescreen. Of course, this option can be changed at any time through the application settings if you want to mix things up a little more. The related images are then displayed as your homescreen wallpaper automatically. Furthermore, there’s no need to sign into Pinterest to use the application, unless you want to take advantage of the social sharing features. You can change the displayed image at any time pretty easily, just by double tapping on an empty area of the homescreen.

Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper Screenshot 3

How it Works: Obviously, the very first step requires you to download and install the application, you can find the proper Google Play page by clicking on the widget at the bottom of this post, or by clicking here. Once the application is installed, you’ll have to launch it for the first time. The stock (or default) live wallpaper picker will pop-up on its own, from there it’s just a matter of choosing the Wallo Pinterest live wallpaper from the list.

Once you choose Wallo Pinterest as the active wallpaper, it will load a quick tutorial. The tutorial tells you how to use the app, and goes over tasks like switching the wallpaper, sharing the active image and more. You can skip through the tutorial if you want, Wallo isn’t complicated to use, at all. I’m going to briefly talk about using it too, so there’s also that.

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Once you’ve skimmed through the tutorial, the main application settings will open. The options are pretty basic, so there’s not too much to cover. The first setting allows you to choose the image categories that are displayed on your homescreen. The available categories include the following:

  • Travel
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Food n Drink
  • Weddings
  • Architecture
  • Quotes
  • Animals
  • Cars n Motorcycles
  • Science

After choosing the categories you wish to see, you can press ‘ok’ to continue. The application will then prompt you to download the related images to your device. It essentially caches them, so that the live wallpaper will work seamlessly.

Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper Screenshot 4

The remaining options allow you to sign into your Facebook or Pinterest account to share wallpaper images. You do not have to sign-in to either social network in order to use the app which is a huge plus! It’s only necessary to connect the related accounts if you want to share the images with friends, family or followers.

After you’re done setting up the options, it will begin loading, so don’t be alarmed if your homescreen is blank for a little bit. The Wallo Pinterest logo will actually be displayed as the app queries and caches the necessary images. It takes a minute to setup, so be patient.

When all is said and done, the live wallpaper will display a whole bevy of images as your homescreen wallpaper. Double tapping on a blank section of your homescreen will change the current image. If you use a pinch gesture (like the one you use to zoom-in with a browser) then the image details page will open. On the details page you can share the image on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest or access the Wallo settings. If you press and hold on the image when the details page is open, then it will navigate to the source URL in the browser. This allows you to see the original website where the image is hosted.

For reference, Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper uses nearly 36MB of RAM while running. Furthermore, the application itself takes up about 2.5MB of storage space, and with two categories downloaded it takes up a total of 18MB. Obviously, the more categories you have active the more space is taken up thanks to image downloads.

Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper Screenshot 1

Opinion: It is a live wallpaper after all, so you actually have to be okay with using an active wallpaper in order to really get into this one. That being said, it works fantastic and it can truly cure that homescreen customization itch. You can set the categories for the images you wish to see and then let the app do its thing. Every time you feel like changing the background image it’s as easy as double tapping on an open area of the homescreen. If you find an image you love, you can share it quickly via Facebook or Pinterest. Personally, some of my favorite categories are missing (games, or android themes), but there are still a sufficient amount of choices offered.


  • Speed (4/5)– The performance of the wallpaper is fantastic once everything is set-up. You can change images seamlessly, as well. That being said, it does use nearly 36MB of RAM while running.
  • Features (4/5)– You can quickly share images to social networks, display images from a plethora of categories (I would like to see more), and find more information about a particular image by using a pinch gesture.
  • Theme (5/5)– The wallpaper images are vivid and clear, and they look great even on HD capable devices. In addition, the application settings menu is minimal and easy to use.
  • Overall (4/5)– If you’re looking for a unique live wallpaper that can cycle through a large selection of images then Wallo Pinterest has your fix.


  • Choose the image categories you wish to see and off you go, it’s very easy to setup
  • Automatically cycles through a large selection of background images, in addition you can double tap to change images faster
  • Open a details page for any image with a pinch gesture (on an open area of the homescreen)You can share your favorite images to Facebook and Pinterest
  • Long pressing on an image (on the details page) will open the source link in your default browser


  • Uses nearly 36MB of RAM while running, but to be fair that is pretty light for a live wallpaper
  • It’s a live wallpaper which means it can lead to a faster battery drain since it’s always running in the background

Conclusion: When all is said and done, Wallo Pinterest is an excellent and fairly lightweight live wallpaper for your Android handset. If you find yourself bored with background images pretty quickly, then this app can certainly cure that itch. It automatically cycles through images from a select group of categories that you choose. If an image pops up that you don’t like, you can quickly skip through it by double tapping on an open area of the homescreen. Even better, more information and direct links to the image are just a simple gesture away. For a live wallpaper, Wallo Pinterest actually uses a reasonable amount of system resources (36MB of RAM), but those who like maximum efficiency will probably shy away from it. It works seamlessly, with no lag and no slowdown, at least on all of the test devices that I used. Check it out if you’re looking for something new, and by new I mean nearly every time you unlock your device.

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