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These days, there really is an app for that. An app for everything. Which sounds great, right? Well yeah, it's pretty cool that we have all of these online services, apps to go with them and an app to organize every aspect of our lives. The problem now however, is that there are so many of these apps that we probably spend a good portion of our time flitting from one app to the other. This is why a lot of us are enjoying Google Now, however Google's fancy search app is not perfect and it can't do everything. EasilyDo aims to bring all of these apps and services together, so we can get on with our lives without missing out on what's important – all from one app. Can it succeed? Read on to see.


Description: EasilyDo is an application that aims to bring all of your pertinent information together into one app. There are a few ways that EasilyDo goes about doing this, you can hook in all of your e-mail accounts, your Facebook, Evernote and more right into the app. You can use this to save receipts, track parcels from your Inbox and more. It'll let you know about bad weather conditions, and best of all you'll never forget an office birthday again when using EasilyDo. Of course, there's perhaps a certain type of person that will use this. You've got to be busy, to be on the move, to get the best out of EasilyDo. If that sounds like you, then read on to see if this is the app you've waiting for.

How it Works: Setting up EasilyDo is pretty simple, first off you'll have to go ahead and download the app from the Play Store. After that, you'll want to either sign-in or create a new account.

2013-05-30 14.49.35



I'd suggest that you sign-up to EasilyDo to get the most out of the app. Once you've done that, you'll see your main screen with information:

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Right now, there's not much in my feed as you could call it, just the weather. That's because I've yet to add more info to EasilyDo. To do that, just hit the gear in the top right corner to see what EasilyDo can offer you:

2013-05-30 14.50.47



There are a lot of options available to you, but for the most part, the more accounts you feed into the app, the more you'll get out of it. For me, I run my live through GMail account, so the most important thing for me, is getting my e-mail accounts in there:

2013-05-30 14.50.57



You'll see icons of all the accounts available to you in the settings:

2013-05-30 14.52.54



What's great about this is that no matter what service you use the most, you'll be able to get that info into the app. So, let's say you rely on Twitter and Facebook more than you do your e-mail – great! Just sign them in to EasilyDo and that info will start trickling into the app. For me, working from home, there's not too much I need from EasilyDo, but you might be different. If you're a busy person, then EasilyDo is the app for you. It can lump information into one display:




That follow-up discussion could be in a part of town you're not familiar with, so EasilyDo can offer you quick and simple directions:



Opinion: EasilyDo isn't going to be an app for everyone, not everyone is that busy. Take me, for example, I work from home and so I am mostly glued to my desk clacking away at the keyboard but, I still have birthdays to remember and I can use EasilyDo to keep on top of important e-mails as well. For those that find themselves a lot more busy than I am though, well, they'll be pleasantly surprised at what a big help this app can be. In just a short time you'll be able to keep on top of more information than you thought you could, and if you use the app regularly I'd say it could take a lot of stress off of your plate as well.


  • Speed (5/5) – EasilyDo will log into all of your accounts, find pertinent information and it does all of this while running extremely quickly.
  • Features (5/5) – For those looking for another app to keep on top of things, look no further, this is the only app you're going to need.
  • Theme (4/5) – EasilyDo looks good enough, there's clearly a nod to Google Now here but, it works and it's easy enough to follow.
  • Overall (5/5) – If you're on the go, and find yourself juggling a million things, then just let EasilyDo help you out – you won't regret it.


  • Connects to a vast myriad of accounts that will bring in all the information you need.
  • This is an app you don't need to program, just let it do its magic.
  • EasilyDo is not your typical "to-do" app, it's far more than that and will help you get through the day.
  • It's everything we wish Google Now to be.


  • Only those with busy lives will make the best of EasilyDo.
  • A tutorial video or something like that could help those not too "tech savvy".

Conclusion: As I've said a few times, EasilyDo is not going to be an app for everyone, especially if you're not a particularly busy person but, if you are then EasilyDo is quickly going to become your new best friend. The app hooks into all of your accounts, and reads your Facebook feed and your e-mail so that you don't have to. Things like parcel tracking, birthdays, appointments, locations and more are all handles by EasilyDo brilliantly. In my mind, this is one of those apps that falls into the "first thing I look at the morning" category that we all have, it's quick, easy and will help you get through the day in one piece.


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