Droid Weekly 6/2/13: LG Android Tablet, Galaxy S3 Updates, Gmail, X Phone is Real and More


HTC T6 Details Emerge, Possibly Includes Fingerprint Reader, Stylus, MicroSD Expansion Slot and More

This week, we saw details of a larger HTC devices. It's said to be nearly 6-inches. Which means it'll probably be the company's entrance into the phablet market to challenge Samsung and LG. Including the likes of a microSD card slot, that might bring more consumers onto the HTC train. Read More

Acer's New $400 'PC' Runs Android and Powered by Intel's Haswell Chip



This week, it was rumored that Acer will be announcing a $400 PC that will run Android and Windows 8. Also known as an AiO PC. It'll also run on Intel's new Haswell chip which they announced this week. Read More

Have Suggestions on How to Improve Privacy in Cyanogen? The Team Wants to Hear them


This week, the CyanogenMod team took to Google+ to get the community's input on how to improve privacy on their custom ROMs. CyanogenMod is a custom ROM that is heavily based off of AOSP with a few added features, like Pie. Read More


Motorola X Phone is Real, Being Manufactured in the US, Coming to All US Carriers


This week, at D11, the CEO of Motorola Dennis Woodside was interviewed and basically confirmed the X phone. He said their hero phone will be called the "Moto X". He gave us plenty of hints about the device, and one of the best parts is that it'll be built here in the US. Read More

Google Reveals the New Version of Gmail, Wants to put you back in Control of your Inbox

Official Gmail screenshots published by Google
Official Gmail screenshots published by Google

This week, Google finally unveiled the newest version of Gmail. It'll be rolling out to Android, iOS and the web within "the coming weeks". I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but so far it's getting mixed reviews based on it's auto-sorting. Read More


Galaxy S3 on Verizon  Gets Major Update; Bringing Multi-Window with it


Verizon finally released an update for the Galaxy S3, I guess hell has frozen over? It brings multi-window functionality to the device. Also later reports are telling us that users are having trouble with LTE connectivity. Read More

LG Working on Android Tablet, Flexible Smartphone not coming this year, Optimus G2 to See Global Release



This week, LG spoke a bit about the successor to the Optimus G and Nexus 4 as well as an Android tablet from them. They said they are not working with Google on the next Nexus, and that the Optimus G2 will see a global release. Additionally, an Android tablet is coming from them soon. Read More