Droid Daily 6/24/13: Galaxy Note 8.0, AT&T, Garmin and More


Samsung Launches the Magna Carta App

Today, Samsung launched the JAY Z Magna Carta App. If you were among the first million to download the app, you could get Jay Z's new album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" for free early. It'll be in stores on July 4th.

Galaxy S4 MHL 2.0 Adapter Goes on Sale



Today, Samsung released their MHL 2.0 adapter for the Galaxy S4. It's now available in the US for about $40. So if you're really looking to use the MHL adapter on your Galaxy S4, now's the time to grab it.

Garmin Unveils the Monterra


Today, Garmin introduced us to the Monterra. Which is a handheld Android-powered GPS device with Wifi, and it runs on AA batteries. Sounds pretty awesome yet odd, right? It's cool to see GPS devices running on Android now.


Samsung Announces the Brown/Black Galaxy Note 8.0


Today, Samsung announced a new color for the Galaxy Note 8.0. It's known as the Brown/Black color, it looks….different. I'd still rather have a completely black or gray Galaxy Note 8.0. Not a brown one.

Get a Smartphone from AT&T for half price



Looking to jump ship to AT&T? Or upgrade your current AT&T device? Well you better hurry. You've got until the end of June to pick up a device for half off. That's right, AT&T is offering half off their devices for 2-year and 1-year agreements. Who knew 1-year agreements still existed?