Droid Daily 6/11/13: Verizon FiOS, HTC One, C Spire, and More

June 11, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Bing Replaces Google on Apple’s Siri

We found out today, that Siri from the iPhone is now using Bing for searches instead of Google. Could this be because Apple wants Google off of the iPhone completely? We’ll never know for sure.

Dead Zebra Announces new Android Figurine 10-piece Set


Today, Dead Zebra has announced their new Android figurine set. It’s a 10-piece set and it’s rainbow. It’s on sale for $69 and in stock right now. But these don’t really last long. Dead Zebra will probably be sold out real soon.

Softbank Raises their bid on Sprint


Softbank’s bid for Sprint has been raised to $21.6 billion to get rid of Dish Network. This would give Softbank a 78% stake in the third largest carrier in the US. The shareholder vote is coming up real soon. So we’ll learn who Softbank will be purchasing a controlling stake in.

HTC One Coming to C Spire


Today, C Spire Wireless and HTC announced that the HTC One is coming to C Spire Wireless soon. So that would make 5 carriers for the HTC One this summer. That’s a great thing for a struggling OEM like HTC.

Verizon FiOS Mobile app Launches on Android


Today, Verizon launched the FiOS mobile app on Android which brings 75 channels of live TV to your device. There will probably be more live channels coming soon. You can grab the app from the Play store.

Verizon’s next Casio Device Leaked in Render


@evleaks has found the next generation Casio device for Verizon and has leaked the render of the device. Continuing the ruggedized past of Casio Android phones.