Download: Google Play Music Gets Updated Bringing More Data Usage Controls, and Faster Music Downloads

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Today, Google updated the Play Music app again, this is the second update since Google I/O which brought along the nice new redesign and All Access. Today’s update brings the app to version 5.0.1052J and brings some much needed features including better data usage controls. If you’ve ever used Google Play Music to stream, then you know that it can use a ton of data. Especially when caching or streaming high quality music. In the past, you were stuck with high quality or normal quality streaming. Well today, Google has added low quality streaming for those that are data usage conscious.

Additionally, Google brought along faster downloads for your music. Which means you won’t be waiting as long for you music to download. Pretty self-explanatory right? Google is also touting in the changelog that this update brings along search quality improvements and reduced data usage overall. Which is great. It means that even more people will use it longer. One of the big complaints about Google Play Music was the data usage, and now it appears that Google is working on that. So those on capped data plans can use Google Play Music even more.

What’s in this version:

* Keeping music on device now much faster
* New setting for mobile network bandwidth usage
* Search quality improvements
* Reduced data usage overall

So how many of you are using Google Play Music? Are you excited about this update? I know I am, even though I’m on an unlimited plan, by it using less data, the battery life should get better when streaming Google Play Music. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this update.