Confirmed: Verizon HTC One Arriving 'Later This Summer'


Finally! After months and months of back and forth bullcrap (for lack of a better phrase), Verizon has confirmed that the HTC One will be coming to their network "later this summer." It has been one of the worst kept secrets in the company's history, if they were really even trying to keep it a secret? So many times we heard rumors that it wasn't coming, and adversely that it was coming- I know I'm not the only one that grew numb to hearing about it all.

Verizon took to Twitter to confirm the news earlier today. Sadly, there's no further information about a specific release date other than the vague mention that it's coming sometime this summer. As if we weren't expecting it to, Verizon also confirmed that it will be compatible with their 4G LTE network.


After taking a quick glance at responses to Verizon's post, it appears that HTC is interacting with fans and answering questions. There's no mention about support for the vanilla Android version of the HTC One. It's a shame too because a lot of us would really like to see a stock Android device on Verizon, especially since they bog down their devices with so much bloatware.


Calling all Verizon customers, are you happy that the HTC One will soon be available? I know I am, but I haven't decided whether I'm going to make the jump to the handset or not. By the time it releases, it might be better to wait a little longer for something else to come along. Then again, just going by how long it took the One to arrive on Verizon it will be this time next year until an upgraded handset is available.

It's great to see that we can finally put all of these rumors behind us. It lends credence to the fact that some of these rumors, while unfounded and out of hand at times can occasionally point to the truth. Did you suspect the HTC One would be available through Verizon eventually? Were you a non-believer who reserved no hope for the gorgeous handset?

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