Coming Soon to Google Search: Sport and Event Tickets, Car Rental Reminders, Wallet Loyalty Cards and More


Today, Google pushed out Google Search v2.6. Which means Android Police had to tear it down. Which is exactly what they've done. They've found quite a few new features coming soon in Google Now or Google Search, depending on what you prefer to call it.

The full version number is It's weird that the version number is specifying the processor architecture in there. So what did Android Police find new in the app?


They've found some new cards. There's actually quite a few new cards that are not stated in the changelog over on Google Play. We aren't sure if they work or not, but they do look new in this version. There are cards for Car rentals, event tickets, sporting event tickets, and wallet loyalty cards. So it looks like Google Wallet isn't necessarily dead just yet.

Google has also added some experiments into Google Search. It appears that entering a comma separated list of experiment IDs you would like to enable sounds really scary. Here's the code that Android Police shared:

<string name="internal_api_cards_preferences_category">Internal API cards</string>
<string name="experimental_internal_api_cards_checkbox">Enable experimental cards</string>
<string name="experimental_internal_api_cards_checkbox_message">Go back to the card list for this to take effect</string>


<string name="now_forced_experiments">Now experiments</string>
<string name="now_forced_experiments_desc">Enter a comma separated list of experiment IDs</string>
<string name="now_forced_experiments_error">Input must be a comma separated list of experiment IDs</string>

Next up, Google Goggles. Don't worry it's still dead. Goggles was removed in 2.5 and was removed just because they weren't able to figure out a "start" interface for the app. Sounds pretty strange, at least to me.

So that's about it that's new in this version of Google Search. It's getting really interesting seeing all the new cards coming to Google Now. I still believe that soon, Google Now is going to become our home screen on our phones and tablets. How many of you agree?