Check Out the Flip Case and Lens Cover for the Galaxy S4 Zoom!

June 20, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Samsung’s Premiere 2013 event just took place a few hours ago where they “officially” unveiled a few new devices which they had already kinda sort of announced already. But here we have the Galaxy S4 Zoom, along with a few other additions to the Galaxy S4 family. Android Central was able to get some pictures of the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s accessories which include a Flip Case and a Lens Cover, and they look pretty darn awesome.


As usual they come in multiple colors. As you can see in the pictures through out the post, they come in black, grey, orange, yellow, green, blue and a few others. The Galaxy S4 Zoom itself is available in White Frost and Black Mist. Similar to the colors that the Galaxy S4 launched in about a month and a half ago. These cases will definitely help protect your device and make sure the camera stays looking good. Having a point-and-shoot on a phone is pretty cool, although I know the photographers out there won’t see much of a use for it.


So far there’s no word on pricing or availability of the accessories of the Galaxy S4 Zoom in the US. We’re hoping that Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile get the Galaxy S4 Zoom since AT&T already has the Galaxy S4 Active, which is another device I’m anxious to check out.


The Galaxy S4 Zoom is probably one of the most awkward phones we’ve seen since the Kyocera phone that had the two screens. It was so awkward I can’t remember the name of it. Anyways. Samsung has a few other devices which they announced today including the Galaxy NX Camera, which is something I’m interested in checking out soon. We’ll keep you posted to see what else comes from Samsung today.