Bloomberg Details HTC One Mini; Coming to Market to "Challenge Samsung"



These days, it seems that the smartphone market is split between folks that cannot get enough of those large-screened devices and those that are holding on to their smaller devices. On a personal note, I can certainly see why some folks aren't looking to join the 5-inch and above club, after all – what could is a smartphone if it's hard to manage in one hand? Of course, there are benefits to large devices, such as the Galaxy Note II that for some outweigh their large size. Samsung have picked up on this themselves and this is why they introduced the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy S4 Mini for this year. These devices aren't going to match up to their bigger brothers but, they cut a brilliant compromise between price, size and usability.

We've been hearing rumors of an HTC One Mini for some time now, that it could be a smaller One with some of the headlining features of its bigger brother. Features such as BoomSound, the Ultrapixel camera and BlinkFeed. The Taiwanese company did something similar last year when they introduced the One Series, the One X coming in at 4.7-inches and the One S coming in at a more manageable 4.3-inches. This time around though, HTC are said to be producing such a smartphone in order to challenge Samsung head-on, according to Bloomberg. 

Bloomberg are reporting that the device will come in at 4.3-inches, compared to the One's 4.7-inch display and feature a less powerful processor from Qualcomm, most likely a Snapdragon 400. The device is said to be launching some time in August and while there's no word on pricing, it stands to reason that HTC will want to market this at an attractive price-point. Not only to lure in customers who want a smaller phone, but also those on a budget and of course, to undercut the price of the Galaxy S4 Mini.

The question is whether or not something like this will succeed for HTC. There's evidence to suggest that it could, there are more people out there with a Galaxy S III Mini than you might think and if the price is right, this could easily be a hit for HTC. Would you buy a smaller HTC One? I think I would, let us know what you think in the comments!

[Source: Bloomberg]