AT&T's Revamped GoPhone Plans Are Now Available


AT&T's new prepaid GoPhone plans are now available. Which are some relatively good plans, especially if you don't want to spend a fortune on your phone bill. Their new plans range from $25-60 per month and in my opinion, they don't really compete with T-Mobile's prepaid plans. Which starts at $30 for 100 minutes, unlimited text and data. Here's what AT&T's new GoPhone plans look like:

  • $25 for 250 minutes, unlimited text and no base data plan ($5 per 50MB additional)
  • $40 for 500 minutes, unlimited text and 200MB of data ($5 per 100MB additional)
  • $60 for unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of data ($10 per 1GB additional)

Most of us won't go for the $25 or $40 plan. But many of us might go for the $60 plan especially those that still use their smartphone for making and receiving calls. AT&T is desperately trying to compete with T-Mobile for their prepaid plans, but I think T-Mobile has prepaid down and is doing it the right way. Verizon and Sprint have also tried but haven't succeeded yet.


AT&T is now also offering LTE on it's prepaid plans. So the $60 plan with the 2GB of data, you'll probably go through pretty quickly on LTE. Especially since AT&T has the fastest LTE out of all the carriers. If you're always on Wi-Fi at home or at work, then these are probably some pretty good plans especially if you want good coverage. We all know Sprint and T-Mobile don't have the best coverage, so we won't rehash that. AT&T and Verizon have the best coverage and of those two, it looks like AT&T has the better prepaid plans now.

How many of you would switch over to AT&T's new GoPhone plans? Let us know in the comments down below.