App of the Day: Boomerang – New Gmail App


Today, Boomerang for Android launched. It aims to be the "Mailbox of iOS for Android". For many of us, we don't follow iOS at all. But since I am a techie, I do follow all tech, which includes iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. And from what I've heard, Mailbox on iOS is an amazing app for your email. Thousands of times better than the stock email app on the iPhone too.

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So that brings us to Boomerang. It's aiming to be the Mailbox replacement on Android, and it works in place of your Gmail app. It brings plenty of features including advanced functionality like snoozing emails, scheduling email for later, response tracking, and so much more.

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But how does it replace Gmail? Well it allows you to search through all your messages across your Gmail folders. Gives you access to all your labels, integrates with your phone contacts for auto-complete, multi-account support and easy account switching. It brings along email signatures, customizable intuitive multi-gesture support, view and include attachments and the feature list just goes on from there!


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Boomerang says that you can only use the app with Gmail and Google apps accounts. But they are working to bring support for Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo and many other providers. Seeing as we are all Android users, we probably all use Gmail as our main email account, right? Boomerang also says that their app is much more powerful than the Gmail app. Here are some of the additional features it includes over Gmail:

  • snooze email messages
  • schedule messages to be sent later
  • track responses to your emails
  • use advanced gestures in Inbox view

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Boomerang is available on Google Play now and is still in beta. So you might come across some bugs, but overall it's a pretty good mail app. It weighs in at about 4.2MB, so it's relatively small considering most apps are over 10MB now. It's sitting at version 0.6 at the time of writing this and it's compatible with Android 2.2 and above.