App of the Day: Blonde Jokes

June 17, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We all can use a good laugh or two throughout the day right? It keeps us in a good mood. Well has created an app that should help with that. Introducing Blonde Jokes. Just like the name hints at, it’s an app that shows you blonde jokes, around 600 of them. We all know some good Blonde Jokes right?

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This app has hundreds of Blonde jokes and more are being added, it was first released on May 29th and it’s still sitting at version 1.0.0 so it looks like there aren’t too many bugs in this one. The developer does warn “please don’t download if you don’t like jokes about blondes. Some of them are really really insulting.” And indeed they are. But it’s all in good fun. With this app you can also share these jokes with your friends. On Twitter, Facebook, Google+, SMS, WhatsApp, and everything in between.

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Talking about small apps, this one is another small one. It’s weighing in at about 513kb which is quite small for an app. Especially since apps are getting larger and larger. As far as the UI goes, it’s not anything spectacular, it’s just something very simple. Gray and black with a white border as you can see from the screenshots throughout this post.

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Blonde Jokes has 124 5-star ratings out of 190 ratings, so it’s gotta be a pretty good app right? It also supports Android 2.1 and above. Hit the Play Store button below to download it today and laugh at some blonde jokes, they are the best kind of jokes after all.