Another Possible Galaxy Note 3 Image Leaks; Really is One Big-Ass Phone

June 11, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


When it comes to the Galaxy Note line of devices, there’s one thing that we can be assured of, and that’s size. The original Galaxy Note turned heads at a whopping 5.3-inches, the Note II upped that to 5.5-inches and now it looks like Samsung could be jumping once more, to a fairly sizable 6-inches. The rumored 6-inch Full HD display is getting closer and closer to reality and when you think about it, with the Galaxy S 4 launching at 5-inches, there’s only one thing the Galaxy Note can do – grow. We’ve already seen what could be the Note 3 on camera once before and now, hanks to the folks over at GforGames another image of what looks like the Galaxy Note 3 has leaked out.

In this latest image, there are some size comparisons to an oldschool Nokia and another Android smartphone. While the smartphone on the right might fool you into thinking it’s an Xperia Z, it’s not – to us it looks more like a Galaxy S II. The image isn’t of the greatest quality and so there’s not too much we can go on here, but one thing’s very clear, the Note 3 here looks like a very rectangular device. Sure, all smartphones are rectangular – some with rounder corners, as Apple will gladly take you to court over – but the Note 3 looks somewhat “edgy”.

It’s interesting to see that Samsung are going to go bigger this time around, it was more or less set in stone, as Samsung have continually introduced larger smartphones in both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. We doubt that Samsung is feeling the pressure from competitors like LG and the Optimus G Pro and are instead focusing on separating the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note brands. With the S 4 being a little larger than before, Samsung will have to really set the Note 3 apart. With that we assume some improved specs as well, such as a higher-resolution display than the Note II and possibly an Exynos 5 Octa or a Snapdragon 800.

Does the Note line need to get any bigger, or is this one step too far for even Samsung? Let us know what you think in the comments below.