Android News Canada 07/06/2013- TELUS/Mobilicity Deal Falls Through, Rogers Expands LTE Max Network Again and More


Government Pushes Auction Date for Mobilicity 700MHz spectrum Back to January 2014

Understanding Cell Phone Tower Health Risks Part 2


Industry Canada denied the TELUS and Mobilicity deal, which means it's not going to happen. "In light of the decision[…]" they've pushed back the auction date from November 19th to January 14th, 2014. The Application deadline to bid for the auction has also been pushed back from June 11th to September 17th.

Canada's Industry Minister, Christian Paradis, promises "at least four providers in every region," which is part of the reason why the deal was denied.

WIND Mobile Hints at Mobilicity Acquisition


Wind Mobile Logo

WIND Mobile CEO Tony Lacavera has made it clear that they're willing to work with Mobilicity to acquire the company, now that the TELUS deal has fallen through.

"Our past offers for Mobilicity stand and we look forward to having ongoing discussions with them."


We'll see what actually happens to Mobilicity soon enough.

WIND CEO: "Put an End to 9 Brands Owned by 3 Companies, Operating 2 National Networks"

Tony Lacavera WIND


Wind's CEO Tony Lacavera made some rather bold statements recently about the state of the Canadian telecom industry. He also says that since its launch his company has "survived and even thrived despite unprecedented regulatory uncertainty."

"[We need to] put an end to 9 brands owned by 3 companies, operating 2 national networks. MVNO services, on both a spectrum access or usage basis as well as on a total virtual operator basis must be mandated and regulated. Further, incumbents must be stopped from creating an artifice of competition by owning the MVNOs used as fighter or flanker brands. A true independent wholesale relationship between facilities-based operators and MVNOs must be established, and incumbents must be forced to divest or discontinue the use of flanker or fighter brands that create an artifice of competition."

"We should lift the remaining foreign ownership restrictions. We should then permit Bell and TELUS to finally merge on the condition that they focus on real growth and expansion abroad and stop focusing their incredible wealth of human and financial resources on defensive-minded Canada-focused strategies like flanker brands and legacy media asset acquisitions."


Do you agree with Lacavera?

CRTC Wireless Code Keeps Three Year Contracts, Makes it Free to Cancel After Two



The CRTC issued a new Wireless Code, three year contracts are here to stay however there are no cancellation charges if you want to leave after two years of loyal service.

The Commission considers it appropriate to limit the maximum number of months over which the early cancellation fee must be reduced to 24 months, so that Canadians will be able to cancel a contract at no cost to them after two years or less. The Commission considers that this will minimize the costs of switching WSPs for consumers, benefit consumers, and ultimately result in a more dynamic marketplace.

This is great news indeed! So at the end of two years, customers will be able to decide if they want to switch carriers or remain where they are, without fear of incurring ridiculous cancellation fees.


According to 2011 Stats, the Wireless Industry is Booming

Wireless Industry Towers

A report, released by Nordicity and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) based on 2011 statistics, shows that wireless subscribers and revenues have increased considerably.

Canadian telecom industry revenues grew in 2011 to $19.1 billion, up 6.3% from $17.9 billion. About 92% of the $19.1 billion total revenue, or $17.5 billion, came from voice and data services. The remaining revenue, $1.4 billion stems from device and accessory sales.

The CWTA also reported 27,387,200 total subcribers, up 6% from 2010 of 25,825,400. That makes up more than 90% of the population (aged 15 and over) who use a mobile phone.

Rogers Expands Their LTE Network Some More

Rogers LTE Max

It seems like all of these wireless carriers are constantly expanding their networks, right? It's for good reason I suppose, they want more wireless subscribers and they also want to offer more coverage to their customers. Rogers has expanded their 2600Mhz (Band 7) LTE Max network yet again in select areas of Canada. The areas affected include Victoriaville, La Baie in Quebec, Saint John, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Parksville BC.

Apparently the new LTE Max rebranded network will support speeds of up to 150Mbps, which is currently topped at 100Mbps. How about them apples, huh? Unfortunately, right now there are only three devices that support Rogers' 2600Mhz band, the Samsung Galaxy S4, Blackberry Q10 and LG Optimus G.

Bell to Release Bravo GO for Android on July 18th, First TV Everywhere Product Available

Bravo logo

Bell Media will be launching Bravo, the first service to use the company's TV Everywhere label, on July 18th. It won't be a subscription based service, but will instead be tied to existing television subscriptions, pretty much like TMN GO.

Bravo GO will allow customers to stream shows live and on-demand, and the content will be available over both WiFi and cellular connections. Bell Media says it will expand its TV Everywhere program much later this year to include channels like CTV, CTV News, TSN, RDS and Discovery.

Bravo Canada currently retains rights to many popular shows like The Borgias, Franklin & Bash, Suits, White Collar, Dallas and Graceland. Hopefully, that means Bravo GO will offer a decent selection of content to subscribers.

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