Android How To: Clear Cached App Data in Android 4.2

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One of the things that takes up space on our Android devices that we probably don’t really think about to much is cached data. Every app caches data, usually that’s data that it’ll be using later on to save battery and mobile data (unless you’re on Wi-Fi). For example, Google Play Music caches music so you can listen to it offline. Now some people, like myself, don’t want it caching because we have a Nexus 4 with limited space, but others want it so it doesn’t use up their data allowance. So how do you clear the cache? That’s what we’ll be going over today. There’s actually two ways.

Clear all cached data (Android 4.2 only)

    1. Go into Settings
    2. Tap on Storage
      2013-06-05 09.49.53


  1. Tap on ‘Cached Data’
    2013-06-05 09.50.00
  2. A popup will come up asking you if you want to clear cached data for all apps. Tap on ‘OK’
    2013-06-05 09.50.06
  3. That’s it!

Clear cached data for specific apps (Any version of Android)

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Tap on Applications/Apps/Application Manager
    2013-06-05 09.49.53
  3. Find the app you want to clear the cached data for and tap on it
    2013-06-05 09.51.26
  4. Tap on ‘Clear Cache’
    2013-06-05 09.51.33
  5. That’s it. If you want to clear the cache on other apps, just repeat steps 3-4.

It’s just that easy to clear cached data on your device. Luckily Google has made it even easier in Android 4.2 to clear it and see how much data all your apps are caching and taking up on your device. If you have any other tips for clearing the cache on your phone, be sure to leave them in the comments below.