Android How To: Backup your Photos on your Phone or Tablet

We all know that as our phones or tablets age they start to become more sluggish. Now normally a factory reset will fix that, at least for a little while. But the problem is when you do a factory reset, you lose everything. Even all your pictures. So how can you back them up? Well there are quite a few ways actually. Which we are going to go over the two most common ways. Backing up to Google+, and backing up to Dropbox.

Backing up to Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to backup as many pictures as you want as long as you have space for them and keeps them at the original size. 

  1. Go into the Dropbox app
  2. Go into Menu, and tap on Settings
  3. Scroll down to the 'Camera Upload' section
  4. Tap on 'Turn on Camera Upload'
  5. Next, tap on 'Upload Using' and change that to either data or wifi only
  6. You're done. Now depending on what option you chose your pictures will automatically upload on Wifi or when you have any data connection

Backing up to Google+

Google+ allows you to backup unlimited photos at 2048x2048 resolution, or full sized images to your Google Drive space. Which is 15GB, unless you added more. 

  1. Go into the Google+ app
  2. Tap on Menu and Settings
  3. Next, tap on Camera & Photo
  4. Tap on Auto Backup
  5. Customize those settings to your liking
  6. Now you're done. Depending on your settings, your pictures will auto upload on wifi or when you have any data connection

There are many other ways that you can backup your photos. But these two are the most common and the easiest ones to setup as they will upload automatically. Be careful if you have them uploading on a data connection and you don't have unlimited data. These apps will definitely eat a ton of data. This way if you ever need to factory restore your phone, replace your phone or even lose it. All those precious pictures are backed up to the cloud for you to access later on.

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