Android Games Weekly-06/15/17: Modern Combat 5, Stargate SG-1 Unleashed, Shield, Angry Birds Go, And More



Modern Combat 5 Trailer Hypes Up Game Before E3
Gameloft recently last week revealed a teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5, in attempts to raise some hype for their newest installment in the Modern Combat series. Surprise surprise, the trailer was unveiled just in the nick of time as the big E3 conference has been going on this week where Gameloft was set to show the game. That time has passed and there are still no new pieces of information on MC5 but check out the trailer below if you haven't already seen it.

Stargate SG-1 Unleashed Hits Play Storeunnamed (1)
Stargate fans, your wish is my command. Well.. not really mine but, Google and Arkalis Interactives. The new game based off the hit show, Stargate SG-1 Unleashed arrived in the play store yesterday and even though I was never a fan of the show I have to say that the game looks pretty good. unnamedNot only does the game look pretty visually, but it stars the voices from the shows cast making this game reach a whole new immersive level for those who watched the series, letting fans truly engage in what may feel like a continuation. The game will cost you around three bucks, so fork over the dough and gate back into the action.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


E3 Attendees Talk About Where They'll Play ShieldProject-Shield
I can think of every conceivable place I would do it. I can also think of some places I tell myself I wouldn't. Lets be honest with ourselves though, even when you tell yourself no, does that really work? I know that I'm my biggest hurdle, and my toughest challenge is having to hold myself back. I'm talking about games my friend. Specifically on project shield. I don't quite have a unit in my hands yet, but I'm working on that. (wink, wink) At this years E3 conference, attendees got the chance to talk to Nvidia and tell them where they would play Shield.BIGSHIELD-500x333 While some stated they'd play on the couch while their children were tying up the console play time with use of the TV, others went full monty saying they'd play this while they do their business on the throne. You know which one I'm talking about. Where would you guys play shield? Me personally, I'd play this thing anywhere I got the chance. All over the apartment, Downtown at the coffee shop, in the park, anywhere near WiFi so I could link up to my Steam games, and yeah.. in bed too. How could you not? Shield is set to release soon, so the excitement is ramped up and were ready to get some hands on time.

Rovio Teases Angry Birds GO!angrybirds1
Just when you thought things were "slowing" down, you turn the corner and things speed back up. That is to say, for fans of Angry Birds things will be speeding up quite fast as Rovio begins to tease their newest Angry birds title, Angry Birds GO!. The Teaser animation can be found here which seems to suggest a racing element involved but we have no official information that has been released about the game. Rovio says that they will unveil more info as the months go by, which might mean a release of the game in late summer or later on in the year, in early fall. If you're not already burnt out on Angry Birds, this is just the news you may have been waiting for.

Need For Speed: Rivals Will Feature Cross Platform Play With Tabletsneed-for-speed-rivals
EA had some big news at E3 this week, announcing that their new game for Android and mobile, Need For Speed: Rivals would allow cross-platform gameplay with tablets. You might think what a weird way to set up your cross-platform gaming, but that's only if you think about it in the way that were used to seeing it. Cross platform play in this game won't show up as were used to, but rather in a way that lets other gamers interact with races that are happening and affect people who are actually playing the game. Lets say you're connected to the game on your nexus 7, but Jim over on the other side of the cafe is actually playing and he's under some heat too. You can swoop in to aid the police in his pursuit by sending in air support for them. Pretty interesting eh? Traditional multiplayer will still be available in the game as well, but this new feature was certainly worth noting.


Nvidia Grid Displays Borderlands 2 Playing On OUYAborderlands2
OUYA is almost upon us, well… the consumer version anyway, and the excitement is all but over. Now for those of you who are excited about OUYA, brace yourselves, because OUYA just got more badass. Nvidia Grid (which is Nvidia's new cloud gaming solution) was displayed at E3 at the Nvidia booth, showing off the capability to play Borderlands 2 on a OUYA console. Awesome huh? You're damn right it's awesome. Now Nvidia isn't actually going to be running the cloud gaming services themselves but rather make the tech available to those who want to provide said services to the public. Hopefully Grid picks up because it would be a nice addition to my living room to play games like that on the big screen that I otherwise couldn't (since I might not own the title). If you weren't already excited about OUYA, are you now?