Android Games Weekly 06/07/13 - Man Of Steel, Modern Combat 5, Chrono-Blade, Deus Ex, Gangstar Vegas and More!

Pop Cap To Release Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Very Soon
Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is just around the corner, and as of just a few days ago its creator PopCap has announced that the iOS version is arriving June 18th, with the Android version following soon after. If you loved the first Plants Vs. Zombies, then you're going to hate the second one. That is of course, if it's opposite day and hate really stands for absolutely fucking love. The game will be free to play with some IAP which I'm sure will just help to speed up the gameplay. If you want to see all the excitement, check out the new trailer below.

Final Fantasy IV Gets Released, A Modern Classic Revisited
I wrote about this in Wednesday's game of the day, but for those of you that missed it, the long awaited Nintendo DS port of Final Fantasy IV was released onto Android this week. This timeless RPG classic that hooked many RPG fans and followers of the FF series alike, is now available to own so you can relive the adventures that so many gamers fell in love with. The game is $15.99, but easily the fan favorite of all the FF titles, thus making it worth it's asking price. Especially when you take into account all the updates. Pick it from the play store now.

Gangstar Vegas Gets A Dev Diary Vid
We all know gameloft loves to talk up their games. What would a franchise be without the boosted excitement? That being said, Gameloft is all set and ready to discuss their next game in the Gangstar series, Gangstar Vegas. They have done this with a Dev Diary video just like the way they talked about Modern Combat 4 and other games. It seems to be a good way to give players the insight to a few of the games features and a little about the team behind the game. The game is supposed to be almost ten times the size of the last Gangstar game, so we can definitely expect a vast world of play. Find out more about the game from the dev diary, or you can check out the micro site.

Pocket God Spin-Off Ooga Jump On The Way
The masterminds behind Pocket God (Bolt Creative) are in development of their new game that is going to be a spin-off of the very popular Pocket God title. The new game, called Ooga Jump, will be a continuous jumper type and you will assume the role of a character from Pocket God, trying to jump as high as you can. Like many continuous jumpers, there will be a bevy of obstacles in your way to stop you from reaching your goal of most points earned in the universe. The rest of the details surrounding the game are pretty scarce, but as soon as info comes up you can bet you'll find it here.

Conquer The World In Tiny Token Empires
If you ever wanted to conquer the world, now's your chance. What.. you played this game already on your PS3, and XBOX 360? Hmmm.. hell, play it again anyway. Especially now because you can take it on the go. Tiny Token Empires widespread popularity across multiple platforms has earned it a spot on the play store. Android gamers can finally play out the quirky antics of this fun loving take on world domination. Choose and play as five different empires in total, and lead your troops to victory. There are 5 heroes, and 5 game modes. Lead or conquer 50 different troop types. You'll find plenty of adventure and puzzles in Tiny Token Empires. How will you lead the world?

The Rolling Dead Brings Sphero Back To Life
Most people might be unaware of what sphero is or actually does, or why you'd want one. The answer is all wrapped up into a nice, neat little package called The Rolling Dead. Its the new augmented reality game from Orbotix that uses the sphero ball to interact. The sphero ball itself is controlled by you from your Android device. You will be rolling around the tiny ball shooting fire at teeming hordes of the undead. Sounds awesome right? Yeah it does, and so long as you own a sphero, you can play this game for free. Interested in checking out the sphero now? Thought you might be. If you're still not convinced just by the sheer sound of this kick ass idea coming to life, watch the video and see how you feel.

Ouya Loves Sonic, Sonic Loves Ouya
With the retail OUYA Launch imminent, it seems like SEGA was finally brought on board allowing the console to receive versions of some of its popular Sonic titles that are already available to most other android devices. This is good news for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Episode 2, and Sonic CD will make their way towards the OUYA console, hopefully by launch time which is June 25th for retail locations. The OUYA is based on free to play, so gamers will get the first level for free on Sonic CD and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, with the first two levels of Episode 2 being free. After those are played through, if you want to continue you'll have to cough up $6.99 a piece for the rest of each game.

Deus Ex Making Its Way To Android
FPS fans will find this rather exciting. Deus Ex is getting its Android debut. Yes, Deus Ex is venturing into the mobile gaming space and its about time. The developers of Deus Ex: The Fall, said the iOS version will be ready this summer and that an Android version is planned as well. While the Android version of the game has no time frame confirmed, that doesn't mean that it won't be close the iOS date and it is still exciting to know that we will be seeing a Deus Ex title sometime in the future. Deus Ex is one of the best FPS games out there, with the augments and gameplay content. Deus Ex: The Fall will be set in 2027 and augmented SAS mercenary Ben Saxon looks to be the games main hero. The video below has plenty more details, and should get you hyped up about the coming of this awesome title.

Man Of Steel Gets Mobile Game Soon

The Man of Steel is due to hit theaters soon, and you all know what that means in the gaming world. Yep you guessed it, a partner game. Warner Interactive has announced that the Man of Steel game will be coming to Android, and iOS devices starting June 14th, with the movie coming out the same day. The Android version of the game will cost $4.99 to download, so start saving up those pennies. The game is being developed by Phosphor games studio, the team behind HORN, so we know its going to look good. The only question that remains is how awesome will it be?

Chrono-Blade Arrives For OUYA Soon
OUYA has been getting a lot of buzz lately. And why shouldn't it? With all the hype surrounding the gaming console, it seems like more and more developers are raging to get their titles onto OUYA. An action-rpg title called Chrono-Blade from nWay is set to release with the OUYA soon, with the demo version of the game set to come out for the OUYA today. Seeing as how the retail launch hasn't hit yet, the developer consoles and the kickstarter backers are the only ones going to be playing this so far. Chrono-Blade will be a side scrolling game type, and you will be able to play alongside other players or duke it out in a PvP mode. The game is also slated for a browser release, but it looks like the demo OUYA version beat it to the punch.

Nvidia Shows Off More Shield Features In Newest Video
Hopefully the shield will release sometime soon. In the meantime, Nvidia would like you to get even more excited about it by watching their latest video showing off some more of the Shield's features. One might think that the shield is just a gaming unit, and yes that is its main function. Lets not forget though that it is an android powered device and it will be capable of doing things like browser and movies and TV. The video shows us some cool things that the shield can do like scrolling in the browser with the joystick. Check out the rest of the showcased features in the vid below.

Gameloft Teases In A New E3 Modern Combat 5 Trailer

Had enough of Modern Combat yet? No, good. Cause Gameloft hasn't either and they're ready to show you the latest and greatest in the franchise with Modern Combat 5's new trailer for E3. Modern Combat has lost its appeal with me for the most part, but I must say the trailer makes this game look really good. I guess that's why they call it a teaser. The trailer is below so watch and enjoy and as E3 comes along, Gameloft will more than likely unveil more about the newest Modern Combat title. If and when it happens, we will be sure to let you know all the juicy details.

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