Android Game Weekly 06/28/13 - Plants VS Zombies 2, Modern Combat 4 Meltdown Update, Nvidia Shield, and More!

Plants VS Zombies 2 Pushed Back To "Summer Time"

Those looking forward to playing Plants VS Zombies 2 potentially next month, will just have to wait a bit longer. It seems PopCap Games has delayed the launch till later on in the summer for reasons unknown. They informed everyone over their Twitter account about the otherwise sad news but no other details were given. Just the short statement to "stay tuned" for more information. While this is certainly a tiny let down, (especially to PVSZ2 fans) most of us probably have other games to fill our time until this hits.

Gamelofts Meltdown Update For MC4 Has Arrived
If you play Modern Combat 4, and you've been waiting for the Meltdown update to come your way then you're in luck. Gameloft has made the update live on the play store this week and it is now available for download. If you already have the game you can find the update by going to your "my apps list", or you can purchase the game brand new if you don't already own it.

The new update brings new multiplayer features which you can find outlined in last week's Android Game Weekly here. Give yourself a good small amount of time and have a backup plan of something to do as the download will probably take a little while.

Nvidia Delaying The Shipping Date For SHIELD

More bad news for Android Gamers; If it weren't enough that OUYA launched in the last week and is seemingly near impossible to get your hands on, it looks like Nvidia has delayed shipping out their SHIELD units until July. While this isn't necessarily the worst news, it's still unfortunate for those who were excited about getting the SHIELD before the new ship date, which was supposed to be this week. Now I myself am extremely excited about getting one because of the capability to link up and play my Steam games, but others may be just fine with waiting. The decision to delay the device relates to some issues with a third-party component, and naturally Nvidia refuses to ship something they're not proud of. As a huge and eager fan of this device, it's a let down, but I can respect the commitment of wanting to put out something that is up to exacting standards.

Heroes Of Order And Chaos Soon To Receive Huge Update

Those of you who are MOBA game fans and play Gameloft's Heroes Of Order and Chaos have some great news this week. The game will be getting a hefty little update that will bring with it a couple new heroes to choose from, a new map, as well as a new matchmaking system and new tournaments. The update will of course come with your run of the mill bug fixes and updates to games mechanics. The new map is a 5v5 map called underrealms ruins,

and is slightly different from the standard 5v5 MOBA map. The update will also house a new weekly tournament where you can win new skins and heroes as well as extra currency. So if you're big into the actual PvP Competition here's your chance to snag some swag. The update is supposed to arrive "very soon", so perhaps we'll see this next week.

EA Reveals Some Details About Their Upcoming Soccer Game FIFA 14
The major issue with the mobile counterparts of big name sports games almost always and undoubtedly comes down to the controls. It doesn't seem like that will be an issue for EA's new FIFA 14. At least lets hope so. EA has started releasing a few details about the upcoming soccer game title, and an improvement to the touch screen controls appears to be on the list of game revisions.

Along with better maneuverability, you will have over 34 stadiums to play in, and be able to pick from over 600 teams spanning across 30 leagues. FIFA 14 will also launch in five different languages which is a franchise first. At launch the game will support English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. It's a great time to be a gamer if you're a soccer fan.

Humble Bundle For Android 6 Gets Three More Games

If you haven't already grabbed the humble Bundle For Android 6 game pack, now would be a great time to do so as three more games just got thrown into the mix. Just like every other Humble Bundle though, these games are available only if you throw down the minimum average amount. That isn't really an issue however because the minimum amount usually never reaches more than 7 bucks. That's a steal for over 10 games that are normally priced at anywhere from $.99 to $3.99 each. The three new games that were added have either been in a previous Humble bundle or are in the play store as a single download and include Waking mars, Mcpixel, and Nightsky HD. Waking Mars in particular is a fantastic little indie game and its worth grabbing the bundle for this new addition alone. Head on over to the Humble Bundle Website to pick it up. If you already have the Humble Bundle for Android 6, then the new games are available for download from your Humble bundle account page after you log in. Happy Gaming.


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