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Words. We use them on a daily basis. Does anyone really think about how many words are actually out there in the English language alone though? Probably not. If you're a wordsmith, and an all around retro game fan a.k.a. Tetris, SpellTower is just the game for you. It's not your typical word game. Unlike Scrabble and Boggle and others, SpellTower has the words rise from the bottom in an almost Tetris like fashion the way the blocks come from the top and stack, and its your job to make sure that letters don't reach the top row or, suffice it to say.. you lose!

Spelling words is pretty simple, you just drag your fingers across the screen from one letter to the next (think Swype when you text) to highlight all chosen letters and form the word. You can drag in any direction; up, down, left, right, and diagonally. The game has a wonderful fluidity to it with beautiful animations and simple yet complex gameplay.
Spelltower has Five, count em' FIVE different game modes so you will more than likely never get bored. Tower Mode, Puzzle Mode, Extreme Puzzle Mode, Rush Mode(this is the one that is sort of like Tetris in a way, where the words rise from the bottom and you must get rid of words so the letters don't stack all the way to the top), and Debate Mode for those who love competition. Debate Mode is especially intriguing if you love to compete with friends and gain those bragging rights. Play over bluetooth locally, or by yourself with any of the other modes to hone your skills.
Die hard word game fans and newcomers to word games will appreciate the thought and development here as SpellTower has something to offer anyone and everyone. SpellTower is one of those games that you just don't want to miss. Among the many word games out there in the mobile universe, SpellTower certainly deserves a spot near the top of the list; That is to say if doesn't already adorn the crown as King. SpellTower will set you back $2.00, but it'll be money well spent. Take a peek at the video below to see just how SpellTower works and how fun it can be, then hit the download link to grab the game.

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