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Here at Android Headlines, games are somewhat of a second love. To some they're considered a first. (Raises hand). Since we know how much you guys love games as well, we'll be bringing you a new one to check out every day. Yep. Every day.

In this world nothing is certain. Except one thing. The man who stands alone and vows to vanquish every undead piece of garbage that is threatening all of humanity WILL stop at nothing to dispatch every last zombie back to hell. Sir Death is that lone hero. Sir Death: The Beginning is a great little zombie game from acclaimed mobile developers Gamevil. Now i'll be the first to say this, not every game from Gamevil is a blast for me personally, but just about every game they develop and put out is popular with a large group of people. Sir Death is no different.
As Sir Death, you are tasked with killing every last zombie on the planet. You will have a vast array of weapons at your disposal, along with a variety of skill sets and abilities that can help to aid you in your mission of cleansing this world of the undead. Don't think just cause Death is your last name that things will be easy though. There is a multitude of different zombie types to mix things up and give you a challenge, so certain weapons and skills will work better for certain types of zombies, keep that in mind.
Sir Death is an action RPG, so definitely expect there to be some sort of story line to be tied into the game with some inkling of depth to it. Perhaps not as complex of a back story and history as the Zenonia series, but something. Sir Death is also a side scrolling game, so movement and figuring out where to go shouldn't be too difficult.
Sir Death is free and ready for downloading by those who have a vendetta against any and every zombie. Utilize all your special moves and weaponry to get the job done, but hurry; if you're going to stop the undead from turning everyone, you'll have to work quickly.

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