Android Game Of The Day: Quadropus Rampage

Here at Android Headlines, games are somewhat of a second love. To some they're considered a first. (raises hand) Since we know how much you guys love games, we'll be bringing you a new one to check out every day. Yep. Every day.First rule about games, is that they should be fun. Today's game not only comes with FUN, but with a tiny bit of shenanigans as well. Butterscotch Shenanigans that is. Yeah that's right, the new game "Quadropus Rampage" from Butterscotch Shenanigans is here and it's so goddamn fun that you'll probably need to be pried away from your device and given shock treatment just to be brought back to reality. Give it a rest already.. I know the game is awesome but for the love of god go outside.Quadropus Rampage, (even the games title screams shenanigans) brings back all the hilarity that was awesome about Towel Fight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, and builds on the kick you in the face then lift you up to untold heights of sheer joy feeling with brand new game mechanics, and a loveable new hero. That's not to say we won't see some familiar faces in this game. Remember Grubby? Yeah hes back and he has more shit to sell you, so save up some in-game dough and take a peek at what hes got. I'm talking about his items guys... his items.Anyway, more about the game and less about grubby. He is kind of creepy looking right? I know i'm not the only one. It's that eye patch. It makes me think of Nick fury.. if he were a giant grub worm peddling goods. You'll find that Quadropus Rampage has many different items that you can pick up or have the ability to upgrade to so you can fruitfully progress through the many wonders that lie ahead on your journey. Adorn yourself ( yes you the quadropus) with your trusty tennis racket and sally forth into the abyssal depths to slay Pete the evil god of the sea. Trust me he's not a nice guy, you're gonna want to make sure you pummel his face so far into oblivion that they have to make up a new word that surpasses oblivion. Once you've done that, rejoice in the fact that you've accomplished something.Oh, the game is free by the way. And guess what, it's the weekend. So there's plenty of time to show your friends who's king using the new Google Play Services. Falling in love with a quadropus has never been so easy.

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