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I remember the time of the auto runner. Its popularity held it in high esteem with mobile gamers everywhere for quite the time. It was and still is a fan favorite, but with more and more great games coming out of all different genres, the auto runner almost feels like it fell a tad bit to the way side. That's where Crescent Moon games comes in. They have brought us a new slide and jump/auto runner to fall in love with.unnamed (2)

Gear Jack is an auto runner that puts you into the role of jack the adorable little robot that has been tasked with saving the worlds first fully automated starship that was created by the humans. The rest of the robots have gone completely nuts, and its up to jack to stop the impending doom. If jack doesn't get the job done, destruction and mayhem are utter certainty. But, if jack can rise above the danger then he just might be able to save the day.gear


The game has an almost cell-shaded type of visual feel to it. So things are good on the graphics end. As for the gameplay, you will have 30 hazardous levels to best, and plenty of troublesome traps to get past if you're going to save this ship. You can perform all kinds of awesome tricks to help you along the way, and as you progress through the game you can upgrade jacks abilities in the garage. This sort of change can help you make adaptations to each level should you need some abilities or attributes over others.unnamed (1)

Other features of the game include over 30 animations for the set of tricks you have at your disposal, and after you have beaten the game you can replay Gear Jack over and over with random trap generations to make things more difficult. Speaking of difficulty levels, you can play Gear Jack with either an actual "difficult" skill level or you can tone it down to match a casual rate of play for those more laid back moments. If you're interested in picking up Gear Jack and giving it a go, you can grab it from the Play Store for $1.99. Another top notch game from Crescent Moon.unnamed (1)Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

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