Android Game Of The Day: Final Fantasy IV

Many RPG fans find the series iconic, before its time, and no doubt ahead of the curve while simultaneously setting the trend and standard for RPG titles to come. It's no secret that the Final Fantasy series of games has found it's way into the many hearts of gamers world over for the in depth story lines and excellent content loaded with fierce battles, lovable characters, and vast exploratory worlds. Final Fantasy IV, of all the games in the series is often hailed as the favorite for many games who followed the franchise over the years.It first debuted in 1991 on the Super Famicom and SNES, and has since been ported to the Nintendo DS with complete visual reworkings and new audio, and thanks to Square Enix and their dedication to bringing the Final Fantasy Series to mobile we can now say hello, (or rather hello again for those who have played the original title in the past) to the Android version of Final Fantasy IV as of yesterday.Final Fantasy IV brings what set the tone for future Final Fantasy RPG titles, with the ATB or Active Time Battle system. If you've played any RPG's in your history as a gamer, chances are that you have stumbled onto an FF game or two. Final Fantasy IV also marked the addition of a very popular feature called the augment system that more RPG games should implement. This feature allows players to swap out skills and abilities to other characters which could give the gamer the upper hand in a battle that may have otherwise been too difficult.The game is a port of the DS version, so all the 3D visuals are there. Along with voice acting for event scenes and a brand new mapping feature allowing players to start their dungeon maps fresh with a blank slate. This should make for some interesting outcomes to what players may know from their past experiences playing the original game.

Another cool little feature is the addition of the "jukebox", which gives players the ability to listen to the games music anytime they want; a quirky novelty for sure, but one that fans of the series will no doubt love. Final Fantasy IV is most certainly an RPG for the ages, and if you love to be traversed into the world of the game you play, Final Fantasy IV will do a fantastic job of getting you attached to characters and their story outcomes. The game will set you back $15.99, a pricey one i know, but well worth it.

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