Android Game Of The Day: Droid Combat


Walk Softly and carry a 50 ft tall mech of destruction around in your pocket. Words to live by. Especially if you'll be playing Droid Combat, the new augmented reality game that just hit the play store from developers MunkyFun INC. If you could imagine a little bit of Exzeus 2 mixed with the dog fighting style of air based combat from the Ace Combat series of games, and the location-based features of ingress, then you can imaging the intensity of Droid Combat.unnamed (1)
As location-based games seem to be getting bigger, this one takes the fun of ingress and amplifies it by ten fold. you must defend your turf from challengers who will stop at nothing to see you fall. Controls are gesture based. Swipe your finger on the screen to fire missiles and tap on the incoming missiles to destroy them with your laser. The Augmented Reality part comes from the integration of your phone's camera to seek out and find other opponents in your area. This feature in particular is pretty badass, because it actually gives you a visual of who else is playing around you. Challenge others and rule their turf. Successfully winning battles lets you level up and become taller and even more powerful so you can grab more turf.unnamed (4)
Droid Combat even lets you connect with friends on a social level, utilizing the features of Facebook to allow you the capability to share your achievements with friends and Twitter followers. Who doesn't enjoy a little boasting now and then to our close companions? you can also share photos that you take with the AR camera, that lets you position your mech in front of real life locations to make for some very interesting snapshots. You can share them via facebook, email, or twitter right from the app, or you can just upload the photo from your gallery into any medium you wish. unnamed (5)
Think your 50ft tall warrior looks a little bland and uninteresting? Worry not my friends, you can customize it with tons of different options from custom paint job skins, mech accessories and hundreds of weapons and ammo types, truly letting you outfit your mech to look certified cool. If all this sounds awesome to you, (and it should) then can go and download the game from the play store for free as it is now live. While the game is free, it does come with the option of certain in app purchases to customize your warrior mech which you can choose to buy or not. Download it and play it now, and if you haven't seen the trailer already it's posted below.unnamed (2)