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Square Enix has been on a roll lately with releasing titles onto Android. Final fantasy IV earlier in the month and now the long awaited Drake Rider. Drake Rider is of course an RPG, so you can expect the usual backbone here with just about every RPG title to date. Battle it out against the evil within the game and eventually save the world.
In Drake Rider you'll play as Aran Lawson, and must fight off the Dread to prevents mankind's extinction. The game is a mix of beautifully crafted 3D visuals and anime inspired art. If you were looking for a "pretty" game to play Drake Rider is definitely it. The battle system really takes flight here and is like no other RPG which would have you enter commands for each attack and subsequent attack thereafter. In Drake Rider, you'll be grasping the reins of your drake "Eckhardt" and ease off the reins to submit him to attack. Be careful about how much slack you give him though, as too much leeway can cause Eckhardt to engage in his primal instincts as a drake and potentially endanger Aran, which of course is what you don't want.
In addition to the unique battle system that Drake Rider offers, you'll get to customize your dragon to best suit you and your play style. This is done by learning different abilities and special attacks which you can purchase with the in game currency called CP. CP is earned by claiming victory in battle, much like gil would be in the Final Fantasy series of games. You can purchase all kinds of different abilities, but learning some as opposed to others will lead you on a different path and close off the path to certain people so make sure you choose wisely when picking out skills.
Drake Rider looks to be a richly developed RPG with gorgeous graphics and a compelling story line (I would expect nothing less from Square Enix), and a battle system that should pique the interest of any RPG lover for its originality. If you were looking for a new RPG to play over the summer, give Drake Rider a shot. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

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