Android Game Of The Day: Crazy Man HD

Side scrolling brawler games may seem like something of a past indulgence, but they have made quite the comeback especially on mobile. Lest we forget games like Double Dragon and Final Fight that made this genre extremely popular; Enter Crazy Man HD, one such side scrolling brawler that will most certainly fill your need to kick and punch things in the face.
Crazy Man HD has an endearing comic style and flair to the game that makes it nice to look at, and the ass kicking fighting grandfather doesn't hurt either. There's a little mix of brawling/fighting action with some RPG elements, and at the very least this game is great for some pick up and play sessions when you have small amounts of time.
You'll find a slew of weapons at your disposal just in case you get tired of pummeling baddies with your fists. Hey, sometimes a flying kick just isn't enough. Fun special effects and a cool combo system also make this game fun, and most should find the comedic layer all but boring and dull. I certainly can appreciate a good joke while playing and if a game is lacking in one area sometimes this can make up for that.
Crazy man HD is supported by virtual on-screen controls but sadly no controller support. For those of you that have been on the hunt for a decent side scrolling action brawler, or just wanted to try something new, this game just might be the answer to your afternoon woes. If you're interested in giving the game a shot, its available for download for free in the play store now.

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